Sunday, January 9, 2011

So...It's been a while!

Hello again! It has been SO long since I have posted anything new on the blog, I am SO sorry. Really no excuses for not doing it, just life I suppose! I thought it would be fitting to put up a post on the babies 18 month birthday! Woo hoo! 18 months and everything is going great! It is really amazing just how different and unique these babies act, look and behave. They are each so different and their own little person. Here is a quick update on each of the babies and then some quick comments.

Drew! What can I say about the Drewser, he is just our little pretty lover boy. He is doing great, healthy as a horse and a great little boy. Drew is a little slower than Matt and Claire in some areas and ahead in some others. Drew is still in the crawling stage and not walking yet, he pulls up and "cruises" on the couch, moving side to side but he still isn't comfortable enough to walk on his own although he will stand straight up for about 20 seconds. Drew has the most teeth out of all of the kids, I think he is on tooth #12 and these teeth have really been painful for him as they are coming in. He is turning out to be a little blonde boy with blueish/gray eyes. A total sweetheart!

Claire! Oh boy, my little baby girl! She is walking and almost trotting around the house, she was the first to walk and balances herself on anything she can stand on like a little gymnast! She is a little mommy's girl following Katie around the house no matter what she is doing. She is also quite the little chatter box of still unintelligable sounds. She only has her two front and two bottom teeth too! She is just an adorable little red head with long curly hair that is just beautiful. She has such a sweet heart and soul, she loves giving hugs and kisses and seems to never run out of them to give out either!

Matt! There are not enough words in this blog to describe this wild man! Matt is the biggest by FAR of the three, he is just a solid little boy and he weighs a TON. He is either watching some TV or moving all over the place, his personality is just nutty! His Papa just loves to watch him, see what he is up to and laugh. If there is trouble, this little boy will find it in about 2 seconds! Nothing gets by him. He finally got a bunch of hair and more of his teeth are coming in, they are really bugging him too. He is a mommy's boy and he doesn't cuddle or love with me too much, when he does I really have to take advantage of it because he would rather be bringing you a book or 20 for you to read to him. I could go on and on about this little guy but as I said before I would probably be here all night! He is one of a kind...

Our family is doing great, we had a wonderful holiday season with all of the grandparents here with the babies. We were so fortunate to be able to have them all here. The babies LOVE to be outside, running around and playing, swinging and goofing around. It is so much fun to be around them. We also still have Shannel our nanny with us, she has been with our family for over a year now and she is so awesome. The babies love her, when Matt sees her walk in the door he claps his hands and yells "YEAH!!! YEAH!!!" We are completely off of all bottles and have moved on to sippy cups and the babies have their own personal chef in Katie that makes their meals from scratch each day and all they eat is fresh meat, fruit and vegtables. Nothing canned or frozen.

We are so fortunate and blessed each day! Once again my apologies for the LONG delay in getting an update out. I hope this note finds everyone healthy and happy, best wishes for a great 2011!

Todd, Katie, Matt, Claire and Drew

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